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Dr. Sulabhchandra Bhamre - Consultant Cancer Surgeon

Surprisingly cancer has more than doubled in India over these years. At the present time, it is the second most common cause of death in India. Generally, if symptoms of cancers are detected early, they can be cured early.

In this case, a surgical oncologist considers your overall health issues. An oncologist is a surgeon having special training in cancer treatment. Firstly, he diagnoses cancer with different tests & then treats it. Usually, it is cured by removing tumors or other cancerous tissues.

Here, Dr. Sulabhchandra Bhamre is well known Cancer Specialist in Nashik. He has fourteen years of experience working as a cancer specialist. Dr. Bhamre is serving consistently his patients.

Dr. Sulabhchandra Bhamre is very dedicated to the patient’s problems. He follows all necessary medical procedures as well as uses the latest technologies. Most importantly, Dr. Bhamre discusses concerns and answers all questions of a patient from time to time. That is too, in a language patients can easily understand.

So, if you are looking for a Cancer Specialist in Nashikbook your appointment with Dr.Sulabhchandra Bhamre

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